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We’re a team of scientists, specializing in big data,
psychology, neuroscience and digital marketing.


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alterspark_mike-thelwall Personality

Prof Mike Thelwall

Professor in online big data and quantitative science
As a world leading professor in online big data and social scientific research Mike Thelwall holds many titles, including Professor of Information Science and leader of the Statistical Cybermetrics Research Group at the University of Wolverhampton, Docent at the Department of Information Studies at Åbo Akademi University, and Research Associate at the Oxford Internet Institute. Mike’s 400+ publications include 244 refereed journal articles and two books, including Introduction to Webometrics.

alterspark_brian-cugelman Personality

Brian Cugelman, PhD

Online  psychology and data science specialist
Dr. Cugelman is the Director of AlterSpark, and a specialist in digital psychology and data science, has trained digital media experts and researchers from hundreds of companies and universities. He has trained teams at Samsung, Salesforce and Microsoft. He was also invited to collaborate with the Pentagon in educating stakeholders on digital psychology to counter online extremism. His scientific research is published in JMIR, the world leading scientific e-health journal. For more about Dr. Cugelman, please visit TEDxToronto, interview at MIT, or

alterspark_leonardo-restivo Personality

Leonardo Restivo, PhD

Behavioral Neuroscientists
For over 17 years, Leo has worked as a Behavioral Neuroscientists, for numerous universities, with a focus on experimental neuroscience. He has published over 20 scientific papers, many on the neuroanatomy of memory and behavior. He is also a founding partner for Hubbian, Inc., an information design company specialized in the development of data solutions and web applications for the biomedical and life sciences fields, where Leo participates in product development, UI/UX development, strategic planning, web-analytics and conference analytics.

greg_350 Personality

Greg Mousseau

Technical lead
Greg Mousseau is a full stack developer, with over 15 years’ experience, building web technologies for the financial sector, innovative startups, and  medium to large size businesses.  Greg has formal qualifications in computer science and business, with technical education in interactive development.

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