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Build customer-empathy across your organization

Persona and marketing segment builder

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Realistic segments & personas

Build lifelike marketing segments that define your key audiences. Then place each persona within each segment.

This will keep your marketing, sales, and UX teams focused on the same people, whether they prefer to use marketing segments, user personas, or both.

Boost empathy

Build realistic personas, that that will help your colleagues connect to people who drive your organization’s success.

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Improved targeting

Clearly define the broader demographic, psychographic, and other traits that your team will need to know, to carry out better marketing and sales campaigns.

In an upcoming beta, we’re planning to launch our psychometric targeting platform, to help you pinpoint each marketing segment across digital media.

Personality insights

Develop deeper empathy and more targeted engagement, through personality insights distinct for each marketing segment and persona.

Call us in. We’ll teach your team what to say, how to say it, and what to avoid.

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AI-powered behavioral science

Find new inspiration on how to engage each audience with behavioral psychology recommendation.

Our behavioral psychology engine recommends design strategies for each persona that will inspire your team with fresh insights on what to do, what not to do, and how to best satisfy each segment and persona.

Inspire your team, with psychology-driven design

Call us in to train your team. After clarifying your segments, personas, and user journeys, we’ll take your team through an exciting process of psychology-driven design sprints.

We’ll get your marketing, sales, UX and design pros all working together, using a common language, focused on satisfying the same segments and personas.

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